Group Exercise Schedule


Monday - Wednesday - Friday


Strong Zumba - MWF @ 5:15am   

Spin - Friday @ 6:00am

Silver & Fit - MWF @ 9:30am


Bootcamp (30 min) - MWF @ 12:15pm

Spin - MW @ 5:30pm 

Tuesday - Thursday


Aqua Motion - T/Th @ 5:30am

Step - Tuesday @ 5:30am

Cardio Strength - Thursday @ 5:30am

Water Works - T/Th @ 9:30am & 10:30am


Zumba - T/Th @ 5:15pm

Body Blitz - T/Th @ 6:30pm

Class Descriptions / Instructor

Strong Zumba

Strong by Zumba combines High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with the science of synced motivation.  In every class, music and moves sync perfectly to push you beyond your limits.  This is geared toward intermediate/advanced levels of fitness.  


A 45-minute cardio class on stationary bikes.  Perfect for all fitness levels, recreational cyclists or serious racers.

Silver & Fit

Designed for Active Older Adults to help maintain and improve balance and mobility for every day activities.


Get a full-body workout with the help of a certified instructor. This circuit-based class allows you to tailor the workout intensity to your fitness and skill level.

Aqua Motion

Total body conditioning in the water.  Featuring higher intensity 5-10 min. circuits for non-stop fun!


This step aerobics class combines high energy, fun patterns and great transitions. Instructor may include muscular strength/endurance segments, cardio bursts that utilize the anaerobic systems, or floor aerobic combinations. 

Cardio Strength

Full body, cardio and strength class.  This class is adaptable to all levels of fitness and you will be challenged to push your limits. 

Water Works

A lower intensity water workout for every part of your body. Cardiovascular work, resistance work, and stretching all make this a terrific workout without stress to the joints! 


This Latin-inspired, easy-to-follow, dance-fitness party works all your major body groups in a high energy cardio blast that leaves you energized, restored, and full of life!   

Body Blitz

Full body conditioning featuring strength and cardio moves for every fitness level. This circuit style class focuses on short bursts of intense movement combined with transition and rest periods to maximize your ability to develop strength  and get or stay in shape. We will use moves based on body-weight and fitness equipment to help you achieve personal goals. Most importantly, we'll work develop friendships to support your health journey!